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How do you find your IP Address in Ubuntu

Posted by teejay on January 23, 2012

In Windows, typing ipconfig from the command line is the easiest way to get your IP address. How do you do it in Ubuntu?

There are a number of ways you can do it in Ubuntu.

System > Administration > Network Tools.

If you go to network tools, via System > Administration > Network tools, you be shown a window which information on your IP address and a lot more. You just need to choose your Network device from the dropdown.


Choosing the Network Device from the dropdown reveals information just like below.



If you are so used to the terminal, you can just type in "ifconfig" and voila! you see your IP Address depending on your network device.

Open up the terminal if you haven't done so.


Type in "ifconfig"


There are still a number of ways you can get your IP address. These are just the easiest.

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